Why Choose Us?

Our Products
We are able to transform a countless range of materials. .Our production processes are characterized by high quality standards, as certified by the Quality System Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.
Our Services
BC ITALIANA supplies a complete industrialization of the product. The capability to manage all the planning, packaging and distribution phases internally is our great strength, since it enables us to enter in depth into any problems connected to each working phase and to fix in time the entire costs of services, thus relieving you from any budget estimation problems.
Planning & Production
Thinking and realizing: specialized designers and engineers of our internal technical office operate synergically with the equipment and the moulding department.
Besides designing the moulds for current products, we can support you in the study of the item or even in its re-planning, advising the possible modifications as for the shape, materials and moulding modalities
Quality and environment
Our company is deeply characterized by a great care for the environment. It is for us a matter of primary importance, which leads us to keep scrupulously to all the rules for its protection.