Research & development

Bc Italiana: research and development

Though over fifty years' experience stands behind the company, its renovation and evolution ability makes BC ITALIANA a "young" company, strong of a continuous updating and an internal research which gives room to the new generations.

Production department

At present the moulding department ( 6000 sqm )consists of 30 machines with 50 to 1000 tons clamping force: the great difference of tonnage, in fact, allows the moulding of both micro-components and medium-largesizedetails.

Moreover, in the realization of some details, we use the gas moulding technique ever since the mould designing and construction phase.Such an innovating process, when used at its best, may avoid the aesthetic, functional and structural problems that sometimes arise with traditional methods.

Planning and production

Thinking and realizing: specialized designers and engineers of our internal technical office operate synergically with the equipment and the moulding department.

Besides designing the moulds for current products, we can support you in the study of the item or even in its re-planning, advising the possible modifications as for the shape, materials and moulding modalities, always keeping in mind the economic factor and the whole production process optimization.


BC ITALIANA provides for the packaging design and personalization.

We study the packing characteristics so as to optimize shape, dimensions, weight and costs both of the standard boxes and of those expressly studied for the most delicate items, considering their placing on beds and their forwarding.

The boxes, as well as the sealing tape, can be personalized with your company trademark.